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Pestel, the Jewel of the Department of Grand’Anse, Haiti

Mostly known as the birthplace of the late president Daniel Fignolé, the small village of Pestel is located some forty kilometers east of Jérémie, Capital of the Department of Grand’Anse on the western side of the island. Pestel was founded by the French colonizers and was named after one of the founders, Pascal Pestel.  Pestel remains one of the most beautiful and captivating village of the country. Its charm begins with its magnificent location as it is safely nested on the northern coastline of the Atlantic Ocean protected by the neighborhood islands of “Iles Cayemittes” on the sea side and on the east by the peninsula of “Bec A Marsouin” extending easterly into the sea leaving a small passageway known as the Bay of Cayemittes. To reach Pestel by sea from Port-au-Prince, chattered boats are available for tours.


Allaire, Verrettes

Allaire is located in the Artibonite department of Haiti. It is the second communal section located 3 miles west of Verrettes in the arrondissement of St.Marc. The Commune of Verrettes is also known as the birthplace of the late president Dumarsais Estimé.  During his presidency, he made great efforts to modernize the commune of Verrettes by constructing the water distribution system of “Bassin Vincent”, building streets with sidewalks, and a modern sewer system.  Unfortunately, subsequent governments abandoned this urbanization work, as the pavement of the streets was not completed.  At Verrettes “l’Eglise de la Nativité”(Church of Nativity) is still one of the largest churches of the country.


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